We present the results obtained for the food industry when tested using butter.

The end result of the implementation will be current, fully automatic control (AI), plugged into the existing production line.

The system allows the identification of a very wide range of potential contaminants.

We invite you to read the case study of the use of the Radalyx system for the inspection of joints in the armchair frame. The amount of time and work that can be saved may surprise you.
Automatyczna zrobotyzowana kontrola spoin fotela

Radalytica is the creator of a groundbreaking non-destructive quality control system that is the first to use two synchronized cobots as support platforms for both the lamp and the x-ray photon counting detector. High precision of movement and the unique image quality of Advacam detectors allow you to quickly and effectively check the quality of products directly on the production line, significantly reducing the number of details that need to be destroyed during laboratory control. An additional advantage is the possibility of coupling the information from the control with the production line, so as to obtain the self-steering effect!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with two basic solutions:


Berkhof X-rad

A system of cooperating robots that allows you to control a very wide range of dimensions and shapes of details in production.

Automatic quality control system, built-in with a conveyor belt, ready for direct connection to production lines.


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