Promicra is a Czech company specializing in the construction of high-quality digital microscope cameras and measurement software.

Among the standard solutions found in many manufacturers, two are unique - therefore we would like to draw your attention to them.

The multi-segment LED microscope illuminator developed by PROMICRA has been designed to provide extraordinary illumination of the incident light for difficult-to-illuminate stereomicroscope samples. Provides soft, glare-free, diffused lighting, particularly suitable when other lighting techniques fail. LEDs with a high color rendering index Ra> 95 provide excellent color reproduction.


Figure maker

Figure Maker is an extension software module for QuickPHOTO programs, designed to quickly create microscope photo / macro photo sets for scientific publications.

The user has full control over the layout, dimensions and resolution (DPI) of the resulting set. Calibrated scale bars and labels can be inserted into all images with one click. Graduations and labels will be of equal size,
appearance, offset etc.

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