At present, Struers is a world leader in the sale of equipment and materials for materialography. They offer both highly automated and manual preparation systems, point-to-point preparation systems, materials for the entire preparation process as well as hardness testers and basic image analysis systems.


Opto-Lab is an Authorized Dealer of CARL ZEISS - a world leader in the production of optical and electron microscopes, and the American company Electron Microscopy Sciences - the only distributor of NIGH SEA fluorescent illuminators.

They provide professional service provided by qualified engineers. They can undertake the most complex and difficult orders. They support all types of microscopes from manufacturers such as CARL ZEISS, NIKON, OLYMPUS, LEICA, PZO and others.

Advacam - Czech producer of high-quality X-ray cameras, characterized above all by very high resolution and speed of work. Active cooperation with CERN and NASA proves the excellent quality of the product.

Japan Probe is a Japanese manufacturer of solutions for non-destructive ultrasonic testing, founded in 1979. With over 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge, they specialize in providing both hardware and simulation solutions for specific research requirements.

The PROMICRA company produces microscopic imaging software and microscope equipment: USB 3.0 cameras, motorized tripods, LED illuminators, adapters for digital SLR cameras.


Adaptive Vision - Polish supplier of user-friendly software for vision systems. Adaptive Vision Studio is a software for industrial vision systems fully based on a graphical environment and equipped with a wide range of filters for image analysis. The most common applications are industrial quality inspection and robot control.

Radalytica a.s. - a Czech company that has developed a technology that allows the testing of elements of any size using X-ray and other methods. The system allows you to automatically evaluate the good / bad product. Importantly - visualization is immediate.


What and where?

The constantly growing pressure on production in terms of increasing the level of control while reducing the cost of the product, pose a real challenge to production management - how to ensure a safe product that will not return with a complaint from the customer, while not increasing costs?


What is the proposed solution?


We provide systems that allow you to control products so that the quality control keeps up with the automation of production!


Thanks to the use of our solutions in the field of non-destructive testing with X-ray and ultrasonic methods, it is possible to control most details on the production line without the need to stop and transport the detail. This allows for significant time savings and reduction of costs related to the destruction of products - only details with detected internal defects are sent to the destructive testing laboratory (e.g. metallographic).




Industry 4.0 requires quality control 4.0 

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