If you are only at the beginning of your start-up development path, without a sales team, without a budget for permanent employment of a seller (and a good seller is not cheap) and you do not know who to turn to with an offer of a new product - we invite you to cooperate!

Thanks to several years of experience in the industrial market, we know who to talk to and to whom to offer specific solutions, especially in the field of product development, non-destructive testing, material analysis and production control.

We are also happy to discuss possible other uses of your idea! Sometimes you don't see the full potential of your genius yourself!


What is it about?

First of all - we do not promise that we will be able to advise everyone and in every law - we are a set of people typically experienced in general material engineering and technical analysis, and we will not start selling, for example, new mowers.
Secondly - to start cooperation, first we want to get to know the product - we will not support the sale properly, if we "do not sense the product" - it is not about being picky - it is about being fully involved - customers feel like sellers "no they like "the product."
How do we help?
Various - it may be a consultation regarding the introduction of a new product - what and how we see our side it can be help in establishing a price list, preparing the first offers for customers; it can be help in participating in fairs - it all depends on your needs.
But who needs it?
At the beginning of the start-up development, hardly anyone thinks about the budget for sellers - and such, especially with experience, cost much and often not little (gross price is above PLN 10,000 / month + car + fuel + telephone + computer + hotels + travels + .....). Our goal is not and never will be to replace sellers in the company - our goal is to launch the first few processes that will add financial liquidity and allow the process to stabilize.
What's next?
We encourage you to meet your team to discuss what and how you want to sell - often during the meeting you can select a natural salesperson in your team! This is the best solution - an insider who knows the product perfectly is the perfect candidate to start selling.
During the interviews, training will be conducted with selected people - but not training on the basis of 3 days of winding and using flipcharts (what a lack of ecology!) About what types of people are, what are the types of buyers, what is the approach to life, etc. it may be useful, but such training must actually be experienced by a person who is fully responsible for sales - we present life issues - it will probably take 2-4 hours of a normal conversation.
How much it costs?

This, of course, depends on what you expect - the exemplary costs can be in the range of e.g. PLN 500 for consultations regarding the product (is there a place for it, who to offer to), by PLN 1500-2500 for preparing an entry strategy or even other amounts, e.g. for participation in fairs. Of course, these are very sample amounts, it all depends on the required amount of work.
It is also possible to cooperate on the basis of a temporary fee (part-time seller;)) or "success-fee" - when the product is initially "cared for", we set either a fixed remuneration for the period + coverage of costs, or e.g.% of sales - i.e. a fee only after getting the order.
Everything is up for discussion.

Please contact us.


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